Department of Foreign Employment

Department of Labor was established in 2028 B.S (1971 A.D) under the ministry of Industry.With the establishment of Ministry of Labor in 2038 B.S(1981 A.D), department was then shifted to act under the Ministry of Labor. After the Foreign Employment act 1985 (2042 B.S) was enforced, the Department of Labor was renamed as Department of Labor and Employment Promotion by expanding the scope and working area of department. The complexity and broad scope of work and supervision of foreign employment sector raised the need of dedicated department to make this sector more secure, managed and decent and to protect right of migrant workers. Hence Foreign Employment act ,2008 established Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) on Poush 16 2065 B.S ( December 31, 2008) as a sole organization responsible for monitoring the foreign employment.