Household Saving Regularly in Co-operatives and Saving Groups in Past 12 Months

This table represents the percentage distribution of household saving regularly in co-operatives/small saving group in past 12 months. The total of 52.86 per cent of households are saving regularly while 46.87 per cent are not doing so. The highest saving group is from mountain belt (63.91%) in which central mountain is the highest (76.70%). Larger percentage (51.76%) of households in Terai do not have regular savings with highest being the far-western Terai (58.33%). As a whole, 60.73 per cent of households residing in very low vulnerability area are engaged in regular saving whereas households in moderate vulnerability are not engaged in regular saving (53.32%). The percentage of households who have regular saving is found higher in tropical (52.38%), sub-tropical (54.20%) and temperate (49.29%) climatic zones.

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